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Hong Kong

This is the region; Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (Hong Kong for short). Every year over 60 million people come, from all over the world (mostly from mainland China), here for many reasons. Some set foot here for only a short time as they use this as a place of transit to go on to the next part of their journey. Others come to work and stay some time before going on with their lives in another part of the world. The rest come to visit and spend a short time getting to know this city.

These visitors come to either visit with friends and family or to go shopping and see the tourist sites of the area. A few come to look at the history of Hong Kong and to remember its past.

If you come to see history then I would suggest you go visit another place for Hong Kong often destroys history by burying it under concrete and asphalt in order to keep up with the demands of the ever increasing population of the region.

This site is an attempt to show some of that overlooked history where  people and events happened and have often been forgotten by both the locals as well as the historical tourist. More places will be added as time, eating, and sleeping permits.




About Mr. Guy

Hello, I'm Mr. Guy and welcome to my Hong Kong. I escaped from the United States but now I live as a permanent panda (er, resident) in Hong Kong.   (please don't tell the US government where I am).

I have an BAE in Social Science Education and a MA in history. Since clearing immigration I have been trying to find forgotten history and interesting places in Hong Kong. It hasn't been easy especially for a panda.

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